Instead of talking about isolated elements of purchasing habits and behavior, we take an integrated approach to how consumers’ needs and behaviors impact their shopping experiences and, by extension, the retail industry across a broad variety of categories and formats. 

The Kearney Consumer Institute believes we are at the heart of a consumer revolution, 50 years in the making, that is transforming everything we know and believe about products, retailing, branding, data, media, technology, and market formation. Fueled by e-commerce and communication technologies, and facilitated by social media networks, consumers are managing themselves, individually and in groups, as though they were a brand. 

Working in concert with Kearney teams, clients, and external experts across a variety of industries and geographies the KCI creates original, thoughtful, and provocative consumer insights and solutions that cut through institutional industry wisdom to address and anticipate the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. 

Using real-world experience and expertise, we deliver thought-provoking and insightful positions on established consumer trends and develop original, provocative, real-time perspectives on relevant consumer topics. Our goal is—simply—to offer our clients smarter solutions via new ways of understanding their customers and to do so by engaging in ongoing conversation. We invite you to join the discussion. 

All of us as consumers and people are complex creatures—savvy and naïve, impulsive and methodical, indulgent and thrifty. That’s why businesses can’t afford to lose sight of a rapidly moving consumer target and why an ongoing commitment to consumer-first thinking drives success.


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The Kearney Consumer Institute is led by Katie Thomas and supported by the Kearney Consumer and Retail Practice and consultants across all practices.