In today’s media environment, the most dangerous move of all is standing still. If you’re still receiving the same old market guidance from the same old places, you’ll miss out on the incredible opportunities evolving every day across the value chain.

Content creation is booming. The 2020s have seen the number of US original scripted TV series break through the 500 mark, more than doubling since 2010. This growth is mirrored by rising pressure to use data and other technology to reduce costs and risk and to generate a positive return for investors.

Content aggregation has been redefined. TV broadcast networks and programmers along with publishers are competing with online channels and increasingly with technology-led “super-aggregators” for share of eyeballs.

Content distribution is changing at unprecedented speed. High-speed mobile and fiber networks have complemented and in many places supplanted direct-to-home (DTH/DBS) satellite and digital terrestrial television (DTT) as video content distribution channels. And 5G deployments, edge computing, and the metaverse will extend the customer experience and expand the network options for distributors.