When we support our high-tech clients, we do so by bringing with us our experiences and expertise from one of the most dynamic and complex sectors of the global economy. 

For starters, we understand that our technology clients are extremely diverse in size, core needs, and market position—ranging from Fortune 100 tech-hardware companies and software enterprises to highly tech-reliant producers such as automakers and medical-device firms. They include rising midsize tech ventures, high-upside start-ups, and private-equity players.

Underlying all of this diversity is a basic truth: software may or may not be “eating the world,” as Marc Andreessen famously put it, but there is no disputing that it has become a primary differentiator between competing products, services, and companies in one industry after another. As to hardware, we understand the unforgiving market dynamics that have given rise to ever-higher degrees of systems integration and the shift from selling products to selling services.