The Kearney advisor network

The Kearney advisor network helps the firm gain and develop deep insights through open discussion on subjects that are top of mind for our clients.

Global advisors

Kearney global advisors play a valuable role in the delivery of services to clients and in the development of Kearney’s service offerings.

The global advisors are experienced corporate leaders with a proven track record of success in their particular fields. Their purpose and objective within Kearney is to:

  • Ground Kearney’s methodologies, tools, practices, and problem-solving approaches in the reality of the experience faced by clients
  • Add insights from their corporate experience to assist partners and clients in thinking through approaches to business opportunities and issue resolution so as to frame consulting assignments in the optimum way
  • Share their thoughts and observations of global developments in their field with Kearney industry and service practice partners and their clients
  • Contribute to Kearney thought leadership in relevant areas addressing today’s CEO agenda
  • Develop the capabilities of Kearney partners and staff

Local advisors

Kearney regional advisors are experienced industry professionals that bring their specialist skills to support Kearney teams and their clients within a specific geography. They ensure we optimize our impact and results. Their role can extend from strategic advice at the unit level to direct participation in client engagements.