Key moments

We are committing to a net-zero climate impact by 2030 and 100% renewable energy in our offices by 2025.


Emissions in 2021 dropped 70% from 2019 and an additional 8% from 2020.


We have more than 120 social impact initiatives.


Our employees logged more than 800 Days of Action in pursuit of social and racial justice, inclusion, and equity work.

We contributed $500,000 in donations and matched funding to impact organizations.

Driving positive impact

Inspired by our founder, Tom Kearney, and his principle of “essential rightness,” Kearney is dedicated to making a positive impact. We seek to be the difference by embedding environmental, social, and governance best practices, and sustainability, in all that we do: as a business, with our clients, our people, our planet, and our community.  

Read more about our Global Sustainability Policy here.  

Our planet

Kearney has pledged to achieve a net-zero climate impact by 2030. We also commit to Science Based Target initiative’s (SBTi) Corporate Net Zero Standard—we will focus on rapid and deep emission cuts, set near- and long-term targets, and take action beyond our value chain.
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Our people

Social impact, including sustainability, is vital for our people—more than 90 percent of our colleagues around the world say it is important to them. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for everyone to engage with sustainability through our clients, our local office initiatives, social impact externships, volunteering, and beyond. Not only is social impact and sustainability a core component of our expertise and skill set, but it is also a central path to joy for our people.
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Our community

We create positive impact in our communities on both a global and local level. 

We are a strategic partner of Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs and institutional change leaders. Kearney’s partnership with Ashoka aims to create and deliver innovative programs across multi-stakeholder groups to scale social innovation and create positive system change. This combines Ashoka’s strengths in social entrepreneurship with Kearney’s track record in being the difference for clients, employees, and society at large. For example:

We also partner with local organizations, through pro bono consulting, mentoring, volunteering, philanthropy, and more. For example:

  • We partnered with Civic Consulting Alliance to help Cook County create a more effective system for bond court, which currently leaves many poor people stuck in jail for minor crimes until they can post bond.
  • We supported an African wildlife park management NGO to scale its operating model up from 10 to 20 wildlife parks.
  • We worked with a Ministry of Education to create a 10-year strategy for implementing learning best practices.