Looking beyond our 4 walls: A global innovator ecosystem

The FFWD team is connected to a truly global ecosystem of 200+ tech pioneers and innovators redefining the industrial landscape of tomorrow. Scroll through the below to see the domains in which we are co-creating solutions to make real impact.


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Collaborating with quick and agile start-ups

Moving forward fast requires looking beyond your four walls and seeking out the brightest talent and solutions to help you build the right products, capabilities, and talent pool. At FFWD, we identify client problems and define the right measures and vehicles to solve them. We scan the market for the hottest start-ups most able to address the challenges you face. We then work collaboratively with you to establish the right processes and governance to successfully onboard them to your environment, accelerate growth, and drive commercial success.

Today’s game changers

Game changers are ever-changing. Check out the innovative start-ups that are reshaping future industries right now.

Open call for solutions

If you have a POC, solution, or service you believe would address the challenges faced by our multinational clients (in any industry) we would love to hear from you.

Simply send us a quick note about what you are doing, and why you believe a large corporation would want to work with you, and we'll be in touch to discuss further.

Submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis.


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