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Our work - Define: developing a customer experience strategy - article body section


Define: developing a customer experience strategy

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of having a customer experience strategy, especially when it comes to digital. An effective strategy should be guided by a clear goal—a North Star. But every company’s North Star is different—and a lot goes into defining it.

The opportunity: Define a comprehensive customer experience (CX) strategy and its guiding North Star for a media company recently spun off from its parent company. 

The deliverable: A series of executive workshops designed to set the CX North Star and define the transformational road map for reaching it; design and execution of two customer journeys—onboarding and bill paying—including live testing with customers and stakeholders

The impact: Executive team aligned with the CX strategy; customer experience and digital teams trained and provided with tools and techniques to design the customer journeys and channel strategy


Transform: defining a product strategy to address looming market threats

Customer behaviors change. Industry dynamics shift. Suppliers and customers can become competitors. New digital players can swoop in and pull the rug out from established players. A good product strategy needs to face these threats head-on.

The opportunity: Build a new B2B digital platform to transform how a leading American consumer packaged goods supplier approached its customers and the solutions it offered. 

The deliverable: Cohesive product strategy that addressed customers’ critical needs, new competitor threats, industry complexities, and shifting market dynamics; strategy included B2B platform prototype, product blueprint, minimum viable product prototype and testing, product road map, and customer experience definition

The impact: B2B digital platform developed, targeted $1 billion+ in revenue

Our work - Upskill: strengthening agile mindset and capabilities - article body section


Upskill: strengthening agile mindset and capabilities

When companies adopt agile practices the customer and employee satisfaction can improve dramatically. But how to get from point A to point B without incurring major costs?

The opportunity: Improve customer and employee satisfaction at a major European bank by upskilling current employees in agile practices rather than adding headcount.

The deliverable: A three-level capability uplift program consisting of: (1) agile training in a simulated environment, (2) design thinking workshops for five MPV squads that solved problems by applying new methodologies, and (3) in-situ coaching

The impact: 300+ employees trained; five squads stood up over six months


Imagine: defining a customer experience transformation program

As digital becomes the communication method of choice, how do companies ensure that the digital experience is a positive one for their customers?

The opportunity: Create a digitally focused customer experience program to radically improve customer satisfaction at a major utility in the Middle East. 

The deliverable: Detailed customer experience program consisting of: (1) road map and steps for implementing customer experience strategy, (2) customer journeys for six customer segments, and (3) design for two minimum viable products (MVPs)—the new mobile application and bill management tool

The impact: Initiatives defined, aimed to raise the customer satisfaction score to 85 percent, increase the use of digital channels to 80 percent, lower the cost of traditional channels by 30 percent, reduce complaints by 50 percent, and achieve a 90 percent first-call resolution rate; market launch of the two MVPs within a year

Our work - Empower: building agile practices to overcome slow launch times and reengage employees- article body section


Empower: building agile practices to overcome slow launch times and reengage employees

Bureaucracy and cumbersome processes can lead to slow product launch times, weary (even bored) employees, and dissatisfied customers. Adopting agile practices can turn things around.

The opportunity: Use squads trained in “agile ways of working” to help a financial institution overcome negative internal and external feedback and a low Net Promoter Score.

The deliverable: Five agile squads set up to: (1) build new propositions, (2) launch new solutions faster, (3) refocus on the customer, (4) streamline service delivery and compliance, and (5) reduce toil and meetings

The impact: Reduced time to launch a new product by 40 percent and launched two months ahead of competition


Forge: identifying ESG-driven business growth opportunities for retailers

ESG attributes can increase the attractiveness of products in the eyes of certain customers. But to create business value from ESG, companies need to know how to target the right customer cohorts.

The opportunity: Use ESG propositions to improve market share and/or increase pricing for a leading regional retailer. 

The deliverable: A comprehensive understanding of E, S, and G attributes that matter most to mass market retail customers; an analysis of which customer cohorts were most responsive to ESG, and which propositions would appeal to them the most; ESG elasticity curves for nine product categories that compared price/volume trade-offs for propositions with and without ESG performance

The impact: Opportunity size assessed for $2 billion+ in value from four plays defined for increasing foot flow and basket size

Our work - Forge: designing a purpose-led loyalty program with greater value to business and members - article body section


Forge: designing a purpose-led loyalty program with greater value to business and members

The opportunity: Design and build a purpose-led loyalty program that will provide greater value to both members and the business along with enabling its members to actively contribute to the client’s purpose and ESG goals.

The deliverable: Detailed design of the purpose-driven membership program consisting of: (1) customer value proposition and its clear articulation for members, (2) program’s North Star, (3) program’s minimum viable proposition (MVP) that can be launched in six months, (4) validation of the program viability (benefits, costs, and funding sources), (5) member experience design including design of selected customer journeys, (6) digital prototype of the program, and (7) release plan and implementation road map for the program

The outcome: Executive leadership aligned on the ambition, organization aligned on membership growth targets, benefits, and sources of funding; organizational commitment to build and launch the MVP in six months with project team up and running


Inspire: capturing the full value of customer segments

The opportunity: Diversify the product portfolio to capture more value from current and new customers for a leading global maritime company.

The deliverable: Need-based customer segments, customer segment value potential given projected uptake for distinct value propositions, segmented go-to-market model, customer-centric operating model

The impact: Identification of revenue upside potential at 4-6 current revenue multiplier across customer segments


NextGen employee value proposition

They say good talent is hard to come by so how can you attract this talent, and once you’ve got them working with you, how do you keep, incentivize and reward them?

The opportunity: Develop a NextGen employee value proposition to enable strategy execution within an agile-ways-of-working operating model for a bank in Vietnam

The deliverable: Employee promise, employee engagement portal (including employee promise, performance development framework, career roadmap), remuneration and benefit structure, capability uplift roadmap

The impact: Increased employee engagement, new talent and capabilities on-boarded, improved staff retention



Behavioral loyalty program

Building a behavioral loyalty program to help grow a European fintech

The opportunity: Build a behavioral loyalty program to help grow a European fintech.

The deliverable: Customer value proposition, product strategy, MVP build and launch, MVP refinements to supercharge growth, KPIs, investor capital strategy

The impact: More than 100,000 users acquired within 24 months of European launch, 37 percent customer conversion rate


Unlocking growth of underpenetrated customer base

Unlock growth opportunities within the underpenetrated customer base for one of the largest retail banks in Eastern Europe

The opportunity: Unlock growth opportunities within the underpenetrated customer base for one of the largest retail banks in Eastern Europe.

The deliverable: Established value-based segments, determined the ones with the highest potential, understood needs and pain points, created new value proposition, sales and services models, tested with customers, established new process to bring products to customers quickly

The impact: Projected 15% annual net revenue growth