Assessment of Excellence in Procurement

The Assessment of Excellence in Procurement (AEP) is the most globally recognized benchmarking study for identifying best practices in supply management organizations.

A conversation with Shelley Stewart Jr., former Chief Procurement Officer at DuPont

For more than 25 years, the AEP has captured world-class practices and business results. Our latest research finds that a relative few leaders generate nearly five times higher total shareholder return and 33 percent higher average margin, compared to their peers, through an approach we call third-party economics―looking beyond immediate cost considerations toward creating long-term structural advantages across the company’s supply chain.

This year’s AEP study―The power of third-party economics―explores how companies with strong strategic command of third-party spend sustained strikingly superior performance, even during the worst of the pandemic.

Companies with $2 billion+ annual revenues are invited to benchmark against their peers by participating in the Assessment of Excellence in Procurement (AEP).

By investing 90 minutes of your time, you will receive the following tailored insights:

A customized benchmark report showing how your organization’s capabilities compare with other companies in your industry, your region, and around the world

An assessment of your return on investment in procurement, which communicates the financial value delivered by your procurement organization in a CFO-friendly manner

For companies who participated in the AEP 2021/22 survey, a comparison of progress against last year’s performance

There is no charge for participating in the AEP survey. Your individual responses and results will be confidential.