Vision 2030 is transforming the Saudi economy through large-scale diversification and modernization, driving change at a pace hardly seen anywhere else. Large organizations will need to identify spend efficiencies and localization opportunities that develop local players and help fuel the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s transformation plans. But large, new, and independent organizations bear the burden of fragmented governance and sources of spend, making it extremely problematic to identify these opportunities and, ultimately, stand in the way of progress.

Kearney, the world’s leading strategic operations and transformation consultancy firm, and Elm, the leading technology services provider in Saudi Arabia, have partnered to bring to you Platform Shaheen Wahash—a cloud-based spend explorer made in Saudi, by Saudi, for Saudi, intended to protect data sovereignty while advancing the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initiatives.

How it works

Platform Shaheen Wahash aggregates an immense amount of spend data from hundreds of organizations in the Kingdom. This data is analyzed using the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to visualize critical insights on an easy-to-understand dashboard, helping organizations discover and act on the opportunities generated by the aggregate spend of the Kingdom.

Localization opportunities

The localization of targeted industry sectors has become a cornerstone of the efforts to diversify the economy of the Kingdom. An orchestrated use of government spending and the targeted use of the spend by national champion companies are key to generate a pipeline of business for sectors that need to grow and stabilize their business. The challenge of aggregating a comprehensive view of relevant business opportunities, generated by multiple entities across the entire country, has now morphed into an opportunity ready to be seized.

Data sovereignty

Insights that become accessible when hosting large amounts of data have turned cloud-based solutions into a critical enabler to unlock otherwise unexplored opportunities. Yet, security concerns persist as regards data that the Kingdom considers part of its inalienable sovereignty. Shaheen Wahash is a state-of-the-art platform that is made in Saudi, by Saudi, for Saudi and is fully compliant with the strictest requirements set by the government on data sovereignty.

Cost efficiencies

Large, incremental, and sustainable cost efficiencies go beyond price negotiations. A credible, sizeable pipeline of business that originates from a single source of demand generates large-scale efficiencies and costs reductions across the entire value chain. The ability to aggregate demand from hundreds of entities, and map it to a granular definition of spend categories that resonates with supply markets, is now at hand, and only on Shaheen Wahash.


In just over a decade, the Kingdom will establish more than a dozen industrial sectors that were previously absent. The scale of change is difficult to comprehend: everything is launched in parallel, with business connections, capabilities, scale, and supply chains appearing all at the same time. Now you can navigate this immense data set originating from hundreds of organizations and produce a coherent, insightful view of the opportunities.