With the end of the pandemic in sight and with profound questions about the shape and outlook for the post-COVID economy, all eyes will be on what’s next for high tech.

To discuss and debate the evolving role of the tech industry, Kearney is launching a series of no-holds-barred virtual conversations that will throw the spotlight on the key issues. The goal is to engage the highest level of industry participation with movers and shakers the world over from government, academia, the media, think tanks, and elsewhere.

Join us throughout the coming year to assess the shifting outlook. Brought to you by Kearney’s 30-year-old think tank, the Global Business Policy Council, and our communications, technology, and media experts, these conversations will look to get beyond conventional wisdom and group think—aspiring to gain fresh perspectives, develop new ideas, and build a community of senior leaders whose business is the future of high tech.

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Internet for the Future (a collaboration with Cisco)

This session covers the outlook on building the Internet of the future and the role of service providers and other players in the ecosystem. Kearney partner Sridhar Narasimhan led the panel discussion. Panel participants included Naveen Menon, VP, strategic execution office and board member, Cisco Foundation and Matt Price, VP | subscriber engineering and mobility. The discussion focused on the vision for the future of the Internet, and the role communication service providers and technology can play in achieving that vision.
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Stateside semiconductor production: The upstream and downstream effects

Kearney partner Bharat Kapoor joins Debo Olaosebikan, founder and CEO of Kepler Computing, for a conversation covering the impetus and impact of rebuilding a US-centric chip supply ecosystem.
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Bonus episode: Supply Chain Shocks, Episode 6: Semiconductor production with Kepler Computing

Rise of SPACs fueling the tech industry

Niccolo De Masi, director at the world's number one SPAC sponsor, joined Kearney for a fireside chat. Though special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have been around since the 1990s, they have recently come into their own. Moderated by Ben T. Smith IV, the session uncovered how blank-check acquirers are reshaping the emerging tech and pinpointed the opportunities and potential risks.
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How is IoT helping businesses drive value?

From enabling new business models to achieving sustainability targets, leaders are reinventing themselves through IoT. Learn from industry front-runners and change agents how the powerhouses are transforming through IoT-enabled business models and how digital natives are making it happen. 

Panelists included Brad Surak, Chief Product Officer, Turntide Technologies; Guneet Bedi, SVP, GM Americas, Relayr; Terri Lewis, Board Member, Senior Executive, Planet Connected LLC; Vidisha Suman, Partner, Kearney. Our panelists brought with them extensive years of experience across industrial giants like GE, Hitachi, and Caterpillar and the innovative ideas of digital native companies focused on IIoT like Relayr, Turntide, and Planet.
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Toward an intelligent future: AI is young but powerful, and it's here to stay

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world. In this remarkable discussion with guest speaker General John Allen we covered the opportunities AI provides, explored how to mitigate the risks, and examined the impact policymaking can have on the future of AI. General Allen also discussed the implications of these developments for businesses, governments, and individual citizens—and what can be done to ensure AI develops in a trustworthy and responsible manner.

General Allen is the president of the Brookings Institution, a retired United States Marine Corps four-star general, and former commander of the NATO International Security Assistance Force and US forces in Afghanistan.
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The world at inflection: US foreign and national security policy in the age of “tech-tonic” change

The rise of populism and protectionism has shifted global value chains in high technology. Add black swan events such as COVID-19 and as technology companies reorient themselves and look to the horizon, we’re left with the question: What will the future of tech look like? Listen to this incisive discussion with Admiral James Stavridis.
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