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On the [email protected] podcast, we have conversations with people who are leading with a “joy mindset.” Hosted by Alex Liu, managing partner and chairman at Kearney.

Why we’re focused on joy at work

For the past few years, Kearney has been studying joy at work. We started asking people: “What do you want to feel about your work? And how does work actually make you feel?”

Through this research, we identified a disturbing gap between what we want from work and our actual experience of work. We call it the joy gap, and we’re on a mission to shrink that gap and create more joy at work.

We partnered with WEF to bring the idea of the joy gap to the main stage at Davos. We started conversations with corporate leaders, nonprofit changemakers, and academic thinkers all over the world.

Kearney managing partner Alex Liu has adopted joy at work as his personal passion project. He hosts the award winning [email protected] podcast, in its third season now, to share his running conversations with people who are finding new ways to create joy at work. (Listen to his most recent conversations below.)

Even before the pandemic, we saw a need to disrupt our traditional thinking about work culture. And after the events of 2020, massive transformation became the even more obvious goal. We have an opportunity to come back to work in a better way. Can we leapfrog into a new and better way of working? In grasping this opportunity to build a more balanced and joyful workplace, can we also create paths for more kindness, humanity, fellowship, and justice?

That’s why our current focus is on transformation. We’re studying how organizations that adopt a “joy mindset” are able to move the needle and produce real and lasting transformation. We’re on the journey with them, learning hard lessons along the way.

Want to bring more joy to your organization? We offer a 45-minute interactive workshop that we have rolled out across multiple multinational corporations. The workshop is designed to help create leaders who are ready to create joy, lead confidently, and build more empathetic and human workplaces. For more information on how we could share this message with your organization, contact us here.