Your hosts

Our conversational interview series is hosted by Berlin-based partner Marc Philipp and principal Martin Hodosi from our London office. Our hosts invite R&D practitioners from around the world to shed light on their strategic and transformation journeys in pharma, drug discovery, and development.

Marc Phillip

Marc Philipp
Partner, Berlin

Marc is an R&D expert who has deep experience helping some of the world’s largest healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences companies unlock their R&D potential.

Together with his clients, he’s identifying ways to develop new healthcare solutions quickly and effectively, obtain market approval, and make them available to as many patients as possible—directly generating value to improve many people’s lives.

Martin Hodosi

Martin Hodosi
Principal, London

Martin has more than a decade of consulting experience with a focus on pharmaceuticals and R&D, working with some of the world’s largest companies and R&D organizations to help solve some of their biggest challenges.

He supports development leaders with deep expertise across all core and adjacent functions with a focus on operating model optimization, the clinical process, and post-market obligations. Together with his clients, he defines opportunities to unlock new value potential and bring treatments to patients faster and more affordably.