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PROUD Network

Our PROUD network is Kearney’s global network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/gender diverse, intersex and queer (LGBTQIA+) employees and allies. Our PROUD colleagues come from all levels and areas of the firm and work to create a supportive work environment that allows our people to be themselves, feel appreciated in the workplace, and develop and advance their careers. Learn more.

Questions? Check out the FAQs below or reach out to the Proud Academy team via [email protected]



Why is this event only open to LGBTQIA+ applicants?

We believe that everybody deserves a chance to work at our firm. We hold many recruitment events that everyone can apply to, but we think LGBTQIA+ students should have the opportunity to see firsthand that they are welcome at Kearney. To see what other opportunities are available at Kearney, visit our job board.

If I apply to this event, will my sexual orientation be disclosed to the office to which I might ultimately apply for full-time employment?

We expect all Kearney offices to be open and tolerant of different sexual orientations and gender identities, but we can, of course, ensure your details are kept confidential if you wish. This is also the basis on which our employee network operates—most of us are “out” but there is, of course, the option to be only “out to the PROUD network."

Who do you expect to apply?

Our application process is focused on applicants who are studying in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa for their first degree or master's, immediately following on from their first degree. Unfortunately, we cannot consider MBA applicants or those with full-time work experience for this event. Such candidates are welcome to apply through regular recruiting channels. Please reach out to your local office for more information or visit our job board for open opportunities.

Are there any other requirements for those applying to join the Academy?

We are keen to invite applicants who would qualify for a full-time role at Kearney in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, recognizing that you may not have made up your mind about long-term career options. We therefore ask you to provide us with your most recent CV (in English), including your academic background and grades, and relevant work experience, as well as a 300-word letter.

Your cover letter should include the following two sections:

  • Which personal achievement to date do you believe will shape your future and why?
  • What is your motivation for joining the Kearney PROUD Academy?