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Welcome to the Global Innovators Days!

The Global Innovators Days (GID) seeks to bring together ideas and colleagues from across the firm in an extraordinary way, encouraging not only innovation but also entrepreneurship and global collaboration in a design sprint-like event.

The traditional means to motivate people is built around external motivators—the carrot-and-stick approach, for example. Yet research shows that such approaches are less applicable to many of today's business tasks, which require conceptual and creative thinking. True motivation comes from self-directed devotion to continually improve at something that matters. The Global Innovators Days taps into our intrinsic motivations through:

•    Autonomy: the desire to direct our own lives
•    Mastery: the urge to get better and better
•    Purpose: the yearning to do what we do in service to something larger than ourselves

Enthusiasm around Global Innovators Days continues to be extraordinary, with both the quality and quantity of new innovative solutions continuing to rise. This year’s GID will be hosted in Chicago at the home of Kearney’s PERLab, winner of the 2017 GID competition!





Ahead of the Global Innovators Days, each team is provided with at least one coach to expand the team's success beyond the GID, provide a third-party perspective, and provide their own insights from previous GIDs—both as a coach and a previous winning team member.