For almost 25 years, we have been a trusted partner to Türkiye's largest business groups across a wide range of industries. Our presence here in Istanbul is growing, enabling us to provide a unique blend of local expertise and global capabilities across the country and beyond.

Along with playing to Türkiye's strengths in manufacturing, retail, automotive, logistics, and power generation, we understand what it takes to serve the needs of 85 million citizens, and our public sector team serves key institutions across the region. Our focus is never anything other than our clients’ success, so whether you’re optimizing costs, strengthening your operations, or pursuing growth, we’ll help you face the challenges of today—and tomorrow—building a stronger economy and society along the way.

We also have our fingers on the pulse of the biggest issues of the day. From the energy transition to digital transformation and the ESG agenda, we’ve got it covered. And because we really understand what life is like here, rather than off-the-shelf advice, you’ll get practical solutions that take you where you need to go.