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What our alumni say

Anne van Hall
“It’s the steepness of the learning curve that stands out for me. Every project, you are challenged to do new things in a new way. You get huge responsibilities and at the end of the day, you just need to make it work. What I especially learned at Kearney is how to go beyond the obvious solution by challenging my own and others’ thoughts. And to create buy-in for that solution. All in all, a varied set of skills which I very much profit from in my current role.”

Rutger Mans
“When I joined Kearney from my previous job in industry, it was mainly because I wanted to experience team work at a higher level; use and develop my analytical skills; and be challenged in a broader range of topics and sectors. The challenge is in speeding up your development curve when it comes to consulting skills and elegantly combining that with your industry knowledge and stakeholder management skills which are likely higher than those of your peers. That can be tough at first, but it grants a diversity and flexibility that will be tremendously useful in your career.”