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Manufacturing network design and strategy

A strong manufacturing network design is crucial in today’s global community of suppliers, OEMs and customers—especially as new production technologies emerge and digitization advances. Our MCoE experts help you transform your value chain by combining traditional manufacturing footprint optimization with technology-driven opportunities. In the end, they help you create the strategies that lead to a network that is more responsive to customer demands and built for bigger margins.

Operations diagnostic and transformation

We help you formulate a strategic view on your entire cost structure and pinpoint the steps and detailed initiatives that can lead to transformative results in both the near and long term. This includes developing and assessing strategies on make-or-buy analyses, capital expenditures, should-cost analyses, manufacturing organization design, and supply chain assessments.

Large-scale working capital reduction

As time-to-market continues to shrink, manufacturers need to free up cash to embrace new technologies and business models. We help you optimize their machine parks, improve material stock, and reduce order-to-delivery time using both new and traditional methods, such as value stream optimization, to ensure maximum cash flow for the client.

Digital and automation

New production technologies and digitized information are central to manufacturing strategies today (read more at our Shaping the future of production initiative). We help you not only survive the game-changing disruptions affecting all industries, but build a competitive advantage with digitally supercharged operations. We help you stay on top of the latest emerging technologies and how they can help your enterprise, including advanced analytics, augmented reality, advanced robotics, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things.

and more…

Our wide variety of skills in manufacturing help you boost your competitive advantage. This includes product launch management, design-to-cost management, large-scale post-merger integration, and operational due diligence based on our world-class factory benchmarking.