Digital starting point

First, you want to understand your current state and where to go next. Your digital priorities depend on what you want to achieve and where you are in the journey toward those goals. Kearney’s Industry 4.0 diagnostic can help. This rapid yet systematic tool helps you assess your current digital capabilities, reveal gaps, and prioritize objectives. The diagnostic tool analyzes your digital journey in the context of Kearney’s digital stages of excellence: Level 1/analog to Level 5/digital DNA. These results will form the foundation for your technology road map.

Developing digital solutions

We co-create applications to solve your problems. Kearney’s digital solution development leans on our deep operations expertise and our library of digital use cases. We come up with both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to address your unique challenges. We build robust business cases, identify investments and benefits, and help you prioritize solutions to align with your objectives. We do all this collaboratively: we provide your teams with the knowledge to build your digital capabilities in-house.

A digital sandbox

At the Kearney Digital Model Factory (DMF), you can experience Industry 4.0 technology yourself. The DMF is a small-scale factory in Detroit that showcases the “art of the possible” with digital technologies. At the DMF, you can witness firsthand the benefits of technology, and thus determine what makes sense for your operations. You can use the DMF to host workshops and training sessions for all levels of your organization. In those sessions, the DMF will help you identify technology solutions, do scenario planning, develop business cases, and generally educate your team about Industry 4.0.

Deploying your strategy

You want to transform your operations to be more digital. But you may feel daunted by the breadth of potential applications, or by the scale of capabilities and infrastructure that you need to develop. We can help. We’ll help you both define your optimal Industry 4.0 strategy and roll out your critical initiatives. We’ll help you develop action plans, establish and track metrics, and coordinate the key activities that will turn your Industry 4.0 strategies into accomplishments. In our philosophy, deployments start as pilot programs, then become permanent implementations, and then scale across the enterprise. In the road map that we tailor to your situation, your solutions will be not only implemented but embraced—and thus sustained to realize their full potential. And we do all this by augmenting your in-house teams. We transfer our knowledge so that you are empowered to continue your Industry 4.0 journey.


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