How fit is your operating model?

The Fit Operating Model Index is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that helps companies understand where they can be even better for peak performance.

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Your operating model's performance is crucial. It encompasses every aspect of how your company operates and delivers value—from the unwritten rules that govern how things get done to the capabilities, processes, culture, and relationships with employees and other stakeholders.
Your operating model's fitness—its strength, agility, leanness, and ability to perform—needs to be as good, if not better, than your competitors. And understanding how it must evolve as factors change within and outside your company is essential for success. If this were easy, all leaders would be doing it well, but most struggle to gauge this performance. They need a more accurate understanding of their operating model performance and the right strategies to execute changes.
Kearney's Fit Operating Model Index (FOMI) is an assessment tool that fills this need by helping companies reap the most value from their existing resources. Drawing on our world-class expertise in operating model transformation, we've created FOMI to measure your model's performance  internally and against your peers and identify the areas where change will have the biggest impact.

FOMI helps accelerate operating model performance

FOMI analyzes the strengths of your company's operating model and identifies opportunities for bridging gaps between reality and goals. Then, FOMI defines your operating model archetype to help you prioritize what matters most for accelerating performance.

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Start with a comprehensive review
FOMI asks questions about the areas in your operating model, including people and capabilities, governance, leadership, the value chain, partnerships, and technology. It drills down to what's working and what isn't and determines where your company should focus to sustainably create value. 


Measure performance relative to best practices
FOMI weighs your company's position against internal
goals and external best practices and benchmarks.


Achieve alignment; execute effectively
Learn where your operating model doesn't support future
corporate strategy, and work with Kearney experts to align
them so your company’s efforts don’t go to waste. 


Equip for the future
Do you have the capabilities to lead in the coming years? FOMI shows you how a more effective operating model dovetails with capabilities for ongoing value and performance.


FOMI provides tangible actions for improvement compared with other market diagnostic tools, which tend to generate information overload. We also take the extra step, translating strategy into execution by working with you to understand context and the details behind the data.

Minimal effort for meaningful results

Taking the FOMI survey is easy and fast. Select key leaders representing functions and business units across your organization. Each will invest just 45 minutes to answer FOMI's questions.

In return, you will receive the following tailored insights:

  • A 50-page report that includes your operating model's overall score, company positioning relative to peers, and a gap assessment of where you are currently focusing efforts versus where you should be.
  • A deep-dive into each area of your operating model, with accompanying best practices to compare performance.
  • A consulting session with Kearney experts to discuss key takeaways, recommendations, and potential next steps that will meet your company's individual needs. 

For FOMI’s inaugural year, there is no charge for participating in FOMI, and we keep your responses and results confidential.

The authors would like to thank Alyson Potenza, Ira Gaberman, Robyn Wright, Shirley Santoso, Jen McGee, Beth Bovis, Khedher Khoshhal, and Emily Murphy for their valuable contributions to this article.

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