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Inspire: Capturing the full value of customer segments

The opportunity: Diversify the product portfolio to capture more value from current and new customers for a leading global maritime company

The deliverable: Need-based customer segments, customer segment value potential given projected uptake for distinct value propositions, segmented go-to-market model, customer-centric operating model

The impact: Identification of revenue upside potential at 4-6 current revenue multiplier across customer segments



NextGen employee value proposition

They say good talent is hard to come by so how can you attract this talent, and once you’ve got them working with you, how do you keep, incentivize and reward them?

The opportunity: Develop a NextGen employee value proposition to enable strategy execution within an agile-ways-of-working operating model for a bank in Vietnam

The deliverable: Employee promise, employee engagement portal (including employee promise, performance development framework, career roadmap), remuneration and benefit structure, capability uplift roadmap

The impact: Increased employee engagement, new talent and capabilities on-boarded, improved staff retention



Behavioral loyalty program

Building a behavioral loyalty program to help growth a European FinTech

The opportunity: Build a behavioral loyalty program to help grow a European FinTech

The deliverable: Customer value proposition, product strategy, MVP build and launch, MVP refinements to supercharge growth, KPIs, investor capital strategy

The impact: Over 100,000 users acquired within 24 months of European launch, 37% customer conversion rate



Unlocking growth of underpenetrated customer base

Unlock growth opportunities within the underpenetrated customer base for one of the largest retail banks in Eastern Europe

The opportunity: Unlock growth opportunities within the underpenetrated customer base for one of the largest retail banks in Eastern Europe.

The deliverable: Established value-based segments, determined the ones with the highest potential, understood needs and pain points, created new value proposition, sales and services models, tested with customers, established new process to bring products to customers quickly

The impact: Projected 15% annual net revenue growth