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Practices we are hiring in


The analytics practice, and the Data Science Center of Excellence within it, teams with companies across industries to apply advanced analytics to identify opportunity, provide strategic insights, and deliver value.

Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Transportation, Travel, Industrial Products, 

The automotive, aerospace and defense, transportation, travel, industrial products, and infrastructure practice integrates all the capabilities of the end-to-end mobility value chain. From innovative product design to complex engineering infrastructure, our industries represent the backbone of the global economy. 

Telecommunications, Media, and Technology

The telecommunications, media, and technology practices combine high-impact service offerings to boost the competitiveness of our clients, working with them along the entire value chain—from strategy, product development, customer interaction, and digital enablement to operations, procurement, large-scale cost programs, transformation, and supply chain.

Consumer Industries and Retail

Today's consumer industries retail market presents extraordinary opportunities for companies to transform their operations and gain unprecedented competitive advantage and market share.

Digital Transformation

Together with our industry and functional consulting colleagues, the DT practice constantly pushes to understand and shape the value digital brings to our clients' organizations.

Energy and Process Industries

Our EPI practice has global experience with engagements in many of the top energy and process industries companies and serves a broad range of clients in five key sectors: oil and gas, utilities, chemicals, metals and mining, and pulp and paper.

Financial Institutions Group

Our FIG consultants work with banking, insurance, and payments clients to help drive value creation and develop strategies and programs for growth and improved performance and profitability.


The health practice teams with companies across biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, distributors and pharmacies, payers and providers, and consumer health to address their strategic and operational issues.

Leadership, Change, and

The LCO practice deals with a vast number of topics ranging from the structure of organizations, the processes they run, and how they engage their people, focusing on general and administrative (G&A) processes such as finance, accounting, and human resources.

Product Excellence and
Renewal Lab

PERL fuses world-class product design with Kearney's operational expertise to transform product portfolios. With a deep knowledge of consumer insights and design, PERLab improves profits, reduces complexity and costs, streamlines the supply chain, and helps companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Strategic Operations Practice

Whether it’s planning, sourcing, production, or distribution, our SOP practice knows how to address difficult challenges in managing costs and services while applying the latest thinking on key support resources such as digital technologies, agile operating models, and change management along the way.

Transactions and Transformations

The T&T team works collaboratively with organizations and private equity firms through the entire investment process—from supporting the deal flow, 100-day planning, and restructuring operations to building up assets, creating value, and exiting the deal.

General Practice

Our general practice allows our junior consultants to gain experience across industries and functions prior to selecting a practice alignment, which typically occurs by the senior associate or manager level.

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