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GAIN Europe QandAs


Is this event only open to women applicants?

We believe that everybody deserves a chance to work at our firm, and we hold many recruitment events with applications open to everyone. However, this event is focused specifically on building a successful career in consultancy through the lens of those who identify as a woman. To see what other opportunities or events are available at Kearney, visit our global job board or your local careers page.

Who do you expect to apply? Are there any other requirements for those applying to join the event?

We are keen to invite European-based applicants who would qualify for and be interested in a full-time or intern role at one of our Kearney Europe offices, recognizing that you may not have made up your mind about long-term career options. The event is most relevant to students and young professionals who identify as a woman. Students should be completing their first degree or master's, immediately following on from their first degree, while professionals should have up to three years of full-time work experience in consultancy or relevant industries. Unfortunately, we cannot consider MBA applicants or those with more than three years of work experience for this event. Such candidates are welcome to apply through regular recruiting channels. Please reach out to your local office for more information or visit our global job board for open opportunities.

How do I apply?

We ask interested candidates to provide us with your most recent CV (in English), including your current/recent academic background and grades, and any relevant work experience. Please note, when submitting your application, you’ll be required to select your preferred work location, which may differ from the office at which you attend this event in person. You may also be prompted to share additional details (language skills, GPA level) based on local requirements.

If I am not invited to this event after applying, does this mean I will not be invited to other Kearney events?

We have limited space for this event, so we are unfortunately unable to invite everyone. Still, we encourage you to apply for other events and roles at Kearney regardless of the outcome of your application to attend this event. Visit our global job board for open opportunities.