Awards and pledges

We are proud to join the Count Us In pledge, standing alongside leading American businesses in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. This is an important opportunity for us to demonstrate true allyship to our LGBTQ+ employees and customers. Kearney is proud to be part of the Global Diversity List.

Across the world, Kearney welcomes, supports, and celebrates our people for who they are.

What we do

Proud works with firm leaders and human resources to develop policies and programs to help create and support an environment that allows professionals to be themselves.  Kearney has a firm-wide non-discrimination policy based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and health care benefits are offered to the spouses, domestic partners, and families of LGBTQIA+ employees. Proud's activities are focused on membership, people development, and community and business development. These activities help enrich our current and future members and ensure that we positively impact the world.

  • Create a strong community with regular exchanges and joint events both within our offices and at international meetings 
  • Mentor actively and track careers with the help of our PROUD partners
  • Attract exceptionally talented new LGBTQIA+ colleagues through our EMEA PROUD Academy and at local recruiting events
  • Enlist the support of our worldwide Allies network and the PROUD Ambassador program
  • Create connections with industry in leadership talks 
  • Celebrate PRIDE Month with colleagues globally and reinforce the strength of our community with yearlong initiatives like proud calendars or proud book club meetings 
  • Publish thought leadership articles on LGBTQIA+ topics 
  • Demonstrate leadership, and work pro bono, on LGBTQIA+ initiatives, for example, in our partnership with Open for Business