The classic supply chain game


In the Kearney Beer Distribution game, you become part of a beer supply chain. In one of four different roles (brewer, bottler, wholesaler and retailer), you learn how even simple supply chains are interconnected in complex ways. The game was originally developed in the 1960s at the MIT and provides you an interactive and enjoyable way to discover one of the classic supply chain problems - the Forrester / Bullwhip effect.

Try your skills in managing the simple, four-step supply chain for beer and minimize the supply chain cost. Without the hassle of setting up a board game, a simple test run only takes a few minutes.

Excessive stockpiles despite a presumably constant consumer demand? The bullwhip effect keeps creating headaches to supply chain professionals for decades. The Kearney Beer Distribution Game gives you the opportunity to experience this business simulation on your iPad and iPhone. The latest version has a range of scenarios in multiplayer mode is available for download from the Apple App Store.