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Transforming the Way Organizations Manage Change

Virtually every industry is experiencing an unprecedented level of technology-driven change and disruption. Organizations that once needed to grapple with major change programs every few years are finding that transformational projects follow each other so rapidly that they blur together. The organizational challenges are huge:

  • How can leadership set direction and maintain oversight of hundreds or thousands of individual projects? How can they be sure that change initiatives are delivering their promises?
  • How can leaders engage with the wide range of people who need to collaborate and ensure that they have the skills and capabilities to achieve the objectives?
  • How can such a diverse set of activities be managed without sapping the energy of the organization with reporting requirements? How can people be both held accountable and supported when needed?
  • How can teams gain visibility of everything that is going on while maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality and security?
  • How can suppliers and customers be included in the change process to drive value?

Many companies are experimenting with various technologies to address these challenges, but the result is often fragmentation and tool proliferation, which confuses more than it helps.

A.T. Kearney believes it is time for a new approach to manage change, where technologies are embedded in the organization’s DNA to transform agility and manage the relentless challenges of the modern business world.

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Embedding a Transformation Capability through Technology

NEXT aims to embed best practices in managing strategic, transformational change into an advanced technology platform that can be highly customized to the needs of specific clients.

  • NEXT is a change capability, not a point solution. It can be used to address a wide range of challenges to reduce tool proliferation.
  • NEXT has been developed specifically to meet the challenges of strategic transformation and is continuously refined and developed based on feedback from A.T. Kearney clients.
  • NEXT is fast to deploy as it includes a technology platform loaded with A.T. Kearney best practices based on our experience helping thousands of clients address their change challenges.
  • NEXT is highly customizable so it can be developed into a bespoke change solution for your organization.
  • NEXT technology is future proof as it is provided by Sensei Labs, a leading SAAS provider based on industrial strength, scalable, and secure technologies supplemented by industry standard solutions from Microsoft and other leading vendors.

Immediate impact

Using NEXT enables rapid mobilization of teams and acceleration of benefits delivery. By providing almost limitless visibility into even the largest, most complex performance and transformation programs, leadership can ensure that results get delivered to the bottom line. Delivery teams can be supported through pre-formatted playbooks and checklists, and administration is reduced through automated reporting and governance processes.

Lasting results

The benefits of NEXT last well beyond the initial change objectives. The same platform and disciplines can be applied to a wide range of business challenges, and many of our clients have expanded NEXT to provide a single enabling change capability across the entire organization. As one client said, “NEXT is our business change ERP.” NEXT can also drive cultural change. The radical transparency and hyper-accountability made possible by the platform can transform the level of collaboration and peer responsibility for performance while also connecting leadership with the broader organization.

Users also benefit from the experience of future generations. As a member of the NEXT community, you will have access to all new enhancement and services requested by future clients, each tested and refined in leading global companies. In the future, we anticipate opportunities for collaboration between members of the NEXT community.


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