Why Kearney

A holistic, targeted, tailored approach—from strategy to execution

We start every project with a rapid pulse check to assess your data and analytics maturity, identify value, and pinpoint what you need so we can help you think, build, and scale—fast.

The data dividend combines Kearney’s strategic consulting and deep industry expertise with Cervello’s design-and-build expertise in modern data architecture, data engineering, analytics, and data science. Together, we work across industries and digital transformation teams to deliver end-to-end solutions—from strategy to execution at scale.

And it works.

Success stories

Delivering the future of data and analytics for a UK bank

Kearney helped a UK bank pivot its data and analytics strategy to transform the business. We delivered a future-state architecture, operating model, and road map to think, build, and scale. From manual reporting, no central data management, and slow delivery, to fast, automated processes and insights they rapidly generate and deploy, they can now meet the future head on.


Building a modern data architecture for a global CPG

Supporting a major organizational change, we developed a powerful platform in Microsoft Azure that combines key data from across 500+ sources internal and external to the business to deliver insights to more than 1,000 global users. Now, the company acts on information fast. The result? Increased sales, greater efficiency, and insights they can trust.


Partner of choice for a global pharmaceuticals company

We partnered with a global pharma to link people with data so that everyone could find and use the information they need to perform key operations. We used our framework to rank data and analytics projects, defined business value use cases, and rolled out a new enterprise data services operating model.


Designing and implementing a data governance strategy for a major international energy player

We analyzed and streamlined 100+ data domains, then devised an effective new data governance and cataloging capability and an operating model the company adopted seamlessly. The outcome? Greater visibility of its global data assets and consistent governance controls. We scouted the best in tech solutions, provided full support during the bidding process, and partnered to get the new model up and running.


Use data to win

For businesses seeking to lead in today’s competitive landscape, there’s no surer route than establishing the capability to unlock value from your data. The world’s top companies reap the data dividend to transform across sales, supply chain, consumer growth, productivity, and efficiency.

If you don’t act on data—if you don’t make it part of your DNA—you lose your competitive edge. You miss out on substantial value. You fail to optimize your operations. You risk falling behind.

Be a leader. Reap the dividend. Surge ahead.

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