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Future of data and analytics: enhancing advanced analytics impact to realize full business value

Businesses are seeing results from their data and basic analytics efforts, but executives note that awareness around artificial intelligence and machine learning is outpacing their actual usage. Kearney’s Future of data and analytics event examines how talent, operating models, and other challenges have limited results to date. Learn more



Future of data and analytics: enabling core digital capabilities and ways of working

Chief data officer is the fastest-growing senior leadership role. Companies are doubling down on investments in digitally enabled platforms and omnichannel interactions. Kearney’s Future of data and analytics event examines ways to maximize the digital value and democratize its access. Learn more



Future of data and analytics: scale and embed enterprise-wide

Data and analytics are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity for businesses to thrive in the digital age. As data and analytics become pervasive, there is an increasing demand to scale and embed their usage enterprise-wide. Senior data and analytics leaders across industries shared their experiences and insights in a virtual roundtable hosted by Kearney. Learn more



Future of data and analytics: the quest to maximize value

Data is exploding. Technology is rapidly evolving. Companies are consuming, generating, and processing hundreds of terabytes of data daily. Efficiently managing data and unlocking its value is paramount. Kearney’s Future of data and analytics event looks at how it's possible. Learn more

Future events

Q4 2021: Balancing security and privacy with data democratization:

  • Leveraging data to create value internally and externally

  • Managing security risk when leveraging external partnerships to source or manage data

  • Identifying high-value data monetization opportunities consistent with the organization's overall strategy