With so much uncertainty around COVID-19, here are five quick tips to help your organization during the pandemic.

Updated 3/24/20

  1. Use our rapid response framework to create a plan and prevent value-chain disruptions from COVID-19's impact.
  2. With virtual being the new working norm, care for your employees by using more healthy working habits.
  3. Your customers are also your biggest supporters, and they want that same transparency. By going digital, you can show your customers how reliable and loyal you are to their needs.
  4. Cyber threats and attacks can be a huge concern during any sort of crisis, and one way to help prevent these is to educate your employees on the best way to work safely from home.

  5. Airline leaders and leaders from other industries can set up an enterprise risk management model to manage the current pandemic and prepare for the future. Building it out in three stages can make the process easier.

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