Kearney Alumni Podcast

The Kearney alumni podcast provides leading innovators a platform to share the bold ideas they are evolving right now that have the potential to re-shape our future societies.

Photo of Gregory Ogorek

Gregory Ogorek
Paris, 2000–2003
Senior Manager, Communications, Media & Technology


Paris alumnus Gregory Ogorek (’03) is proud to be called the “crazy French” because he is always outside of his comfort zone, pushing to make it even in the most complex environments. While he is the chief operating officer of one of Canada’s fastest-growing medtech companies, eSight Eyewear, which is backed by Canada’s largest venture capital firm, he still finds time to give back. In his spare time, Greg volunteers in Toronto’s food shelters and serves them in true consulting fashion. The interview was conducted by Kearney’s lead partner for innovation Eric Gervet, who knows Gregory well from their time together at Kearney but also through their weekly Instagram updates.


Photo of Drew Robinson

Drew Robinson
New York, London, 2015–2018
Associate, General Practice


New York Alumnus Drew Robinson is institutional business lead at digital currency exchange Coinbase in London. While cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, Drew believes that the potential impact for them hitting the mainstream in the not too distant future is incredibly exciting. Sid Ghosh, of Kearney’s financial services practice invited Drew to discuss the opportunities for cryptocurrencies to filter into everyday life and the potential impact across industries.


Photo of Anu Shah

Anu Shah
New York, London, 2015–2018
Associate, General Practice


Anu (Dubai ’16) has used her consulting foundation to build three businesses and teams from scratch. She has sold two of her start-ups for more than $10 million USD and raised $10 million in series A for the third one. Anu provides some (literally) rapid-fire insights into her interests, her passions, and her journey to where she is today.