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Our start-up founders say it best



What happens at Kearney Launchpad? 

As part of our Launchpad founder cohort, you’ll spend nearly six months connecting with Kearney consultants and key players in the start-up ecosystem. Our Launchpad founders have already started their companies and are ready to fundraise and/or scale. The program provides the support they need to do so. It culminates with a demo day that gives founders the opportunity to show their progress. 

As a Launchpad founder, you benefit from: 

Kearney mentorship: you’ll have access to global consultants from across Kearney with deep industry knowledge and experience advising the most successful companies in the world. 

Founder peers: connect with other start-up founders who share your challenges and celebrate your successes.

Venture capital mentors: you’ll have access to experienced investors who leverage their capital and expertise to help start-ups grow.

Legal guidance: our partnering legal firms can provide legal guidance on everything start-up related, from term sheets to corporate structure to contracts and more.